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DC-MD-VA-wild,shouting music church organ player(organist) is offering lessons!! (301.328.6705-CHURCH MUSIC TEACHER)HYMNS, CHRISTIAN SONGS TAUGHT

Greetings. Thank you for accessing this information. This Keyboard Lesson Program is exclusively for serious minded students that want to become outstanding musicians. -Tim- (Instructor) Wild,dynamic shouting music church organ player-Tim Kimbrough(40 years as musician) is giving electronic organ, piano & keyboard instructions. Learn:r&b,blues,jazz,funk,rock&roll,disco,pop,gospel,christian praise&worship,hip-hop,soul,"motown oldies" and more....So call today and start your process of becoming an of the hook keyboard player;why wait!!!! this is a washington dc gospel play organ piano player dc advertisement...

VA-DC-MD-Gospel/Church Organ&Piano Lessons-301.328.6705 (BEGINNER PIANO,CHRISTIAN SONGS TAUGHT

Gospel Organ/ Piano/Keyboard Lessons, DC... (301.328.6705) - Riverdale ...

Learn: dance to the music organ blues grooves, organ hand bass... rocking riffs,jazz,r&b,traditional-contemporary church/gospel organ and praise&worship keyboard techniques.

301.328.6705-VA-DC-MD-Church Piano Music Teacher/Lessons- (CONGREGATIONAL SONGS, HYMNS, PRAISE&WORSHIP and much more TAUGHT...)

Become nothing less than an awesome keyboard with Instructor,Timothy Kimbrough's(40 years of experience) fast, exciting,dynamic: , wild electronic funky-gospel organ, piano electronic keyboard lessons. Learn: christian praise&worship keyboard techniques-organ acid jazz, phat-organ flavor chords, organ grooves,church shouting organ,play behind the preacher organ,apostolic super sonic organ shouts© by timothy kimbrough,md.2010.,© gospel hymns,disco,oldies,reggae,licks,rock organ riffs,power chords,melodic rock organ hords,Organ Rock Boogie-Woogie, Rumbling Hand Bass, (Learn Organ Drawbars And Programmed Tones) "Stormy Monday", Lee Michaels Organ Chords,Vanilla Fudge Organ Chords, Metal, Scales... Taught On Roland Vk7,Hammond Xb2 And Oberheim 3Sq Combo Organs-With Cloned (Tone Wheel Vintage) Leslies That Sound Like Hammond B3s shouting music church organ player church piano player md.,dc,va.. (301)328-6705,8AM only sunday church services.Timothy Kimbrough Md..

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VA-DC-MD-301.328.6705-by ear-piano lessons-T.Kimbrough Network(PRAISE&WORSHIP-20pg.Beginner Books)

DC,MD,MD,METRO area electronic organ,piano and keyboard lessons are being offered by-"play organ piano player(Mr.Timothy Kimbrough.Md.)"
.Kimbrough has 40 years of experience as a keyboard player. Learn wild electronic organ funk,flavor,grooves,church shouting organ,play behind the preacher organ,apostolic super organ shouts©2010 by Timothy Kimbrough©2010.All Rights Reserved,praise and worship,gospel,soul,rock,disco,"motown oldies",reggae,chords,licks,riffs and more... electronic organ lessons. all ages. for serious students only.301.328.6705.GET TIM KIMBROUGH'S BOOK-- How To Play Your First Piano Song in Only 6 Days(only 20 pages).
Also- Master The Black American Musical Art Form Of Screeeeeeming Rock&Roll Organ !!!!! Yes, Finally, Become A Real Rock and Roll Organ Player and more. Learn: r&b,jazz,funk,rock,soul,oldies but goodies. "NO LINES AND STAFF"(pg 3 of How To Play Your First Piano Song In Only Six Days) used. Learn: Rock And Roll Organ Technique, Screeeeeeming Rock Organ Riffs, Licks, Runs,Power Chords, Melodic Rock And Roll Organ Chords, Blues, Organ Rock Boogie-Woogie, Rumbling Hand Bass,(Learn Organ Drawbars And Programmed Tones) "Stormy Monday", Lee Michaels Organ Chords,Vanilla Fudge Organ Chords, Metal, Scales And More... a Hammond Xb2 Combo Organ-With a Cloned (Tone Wheel Vintage) Leslie That Sound Like Hammond B3.Instructions Are Taught By A Dedicated, Principled Instructor With 40 Years Of Experience.Call(301)328-6705, Anytime.
Tim Kimbrough (Instructor,Writer,Inventor)
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