Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rock And Roll Organ Lessons Va.,Md.,Dc,Local, Metro region

Screaming Rock and Roll Organ technique is a Black American Musical Art Form.Rock And Roll Organ Instruction are being taught by Timothy Kimbrough, who has 39plus years as an Organist. "Screeeeeeming Rock And Roll Organ !!!!! Finally, Become A Real Rock and Roll Organ Player. By EarTraining. All Levels Taught: Beginners, Intermediate And
Free from lines and staff,special low rates, save, discounts available. Beginners Welcome...
Learn: Rock And Roll Organ Technique, Screeeeeeming Rock Organ Riffs, Licks, Runs,Power Chords, Melodic Rock And Roll Organ Chords, Blues, Organ Rock Boogie-Woogie, Rumbling Hand Bass, How To Set Organ Draw-Bars And Preset Button Tuning, "Stormy Monday", Lee Michaels Organ Chords,Vanilla Fudge Organ Chords, Metal, Scales And More... Taught On Roland Vk7,Hammond Xb2 And Oberheim 3Sq Combo Organs-With Cloned (Tone Wheel Vintage) Leslies That Sound Like Hammond B3s; Taught By Dedicated, Principled Instructor With 39Plus Years Of Experience; Call-(301)328-6705, Anytime."
Tim Kimbrough
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