Sunday, February 28, 2010

Piano Teacher Dc.

free from boring-restrictive lines and staff methods. special low rates,discount; save on high quality keyboard instruction. all ages,adults,children,beginners,intermediate advanced. learn:blues,r&b,jazz,gospel,praise & worship,soul, wild rock and roll-electronic organ, rumbling organ bass, rhythmic gospel organ, Dance to The Music...wild electronic organ funk,acid jazz, phat flavor chords,grooves,church shouting organ,play behind the preacher organ,apostolic super organ shouts,hymns,disco,oldies,reggae,licks,riffs and more... electronic organ lessons.for serious students."No Lines And Staff"- from page 3 of (Keyboard Instructor)Timothy Kimbrough's book: "How To Play Your First Piano Song In Only 6 Days "(only 20 pages)describes Timothy Kimbrough's commitment to effective ear training.His alternative Method Of Writing Keyboard Music, protected by US Patent No.6,977,334 empowers students, setting them free from the restrictions of traditional lines and staff keyboard learning methods. For more information call-301.328.6705.Timothy Kimbrough Art Collection Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.Timothy Kimbrough Quotations And Writings Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.Unauthorize d Copying And Reproductions Are Violation of Federal Law.

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