Saturday, March 13, 2010

MD. GOSPEL ORGAN LESSONS(On Roland Vk7,Hammond Xb2 And Oberheim 3Sq Combo Organs)301.328.6705 — Riverdale MD

free from lines and staff,special low rates, save, discounts available. Beginners Welcome...Learn How to Play Gospel Organ:r&b,(2-5-1)standard jazz ,blues grooves, blues/jazz organ licks,runs,organ bass,soul organ,rock & roll organ power chords,melodic rock&roll organ chords,wildelectronic organ funk,organ acid jazz, phat flavor organ chords,church organ playing,shouting music,hymns,traditional gospel,contemporary gospel,apostolic organ,revival organ,praise and worship,organ behind the preacher, apostolic super sonic organ shouts© by timothy kimbrough,md.2010, gospel organ hand bass...and much more.
Instructions by:Timothy Kimbrough,,gospel play organ piano player,md...
All Sayings, Terminology, Art Work Herein Are The Work And Intellectual Property Of Timothy Kimbrough, Md. © 2010.All Rights Reserved.Timothy Kimbrough is A Writer. © QUOTATATION BY Timothy Kimbrough. All Unauthorized Copying Or Reproductions Are Violation Of Ferderal Law

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