Saturday, November 6, 2010

301.328.6705 va-piano lessons, md,dc for serious students only-"play by ear"(r&b,jazz improvisation,gospel,praise&worship,rock&roll,soul,blues......)

VA-DC-timothy kimbrough,md. (PIANO LESSONS: jazz,blues,r&b....)
301.328.6705- Become an off the hook keyboard player with Timothy Kimbrough's exciting electronic organ, piano-keyboard instructions. This "Strictly By Ear"
program is designed exclusively for the serious principle, who is determined to become a "better than average"(awesome) musician.Learn:blues organ,licks,jazz,"phat flavor" organ chords,rumbling organ hand bass,keyboard basics(major scales,major chords, functions of melody and harmony,etc.),funk,soul,rock,oldies,pop,organ boogie-woogie,christain praise and worship, and more...Piano Music Instruction Books(Ideal for Beginners-only 20pgs.) are also Available GET IT►How To Play Your First Piano Song In Only 6 Days:by Tim Kimbrough
Lessons Are Given By A Dedicated, Principled Instructor, Author And Inventor-Timothy Kimbrough, Who Has 40 Years Of Experience Timothy Kimbrough Art Collection Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.Timothy Kimbrough Quotations And Writings Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.Unauthorized Copying And Reproductions Are Violation of Federal Law.
"NO LINES AND STAFF" are used. Instructions are given by, Organ and Piano Player Timothy Kimbrough-strictly by ear. Tim Kimbrough's awesome piano instruction book(based on revolutionary new piano teaching methods protected by patent law) transforms, sincere,FOCUSED-beginners into overnight(entry level ) musicians. Learn: piano basics,such as major and minor triad chords, major scales, chord inversions-as well as other theoretical keyboard concepts needed to become an awesome pianist. Learn: r&b,jazz(fundamentals, gospel,blues,rock&roll,soul,oldies,funk,christian praise&worship,pop, disco,hip hop and much,much more.
Tim Kimbrough ,Md. Gospel Organ, Piano Lessons and Books
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