Sunday, December 12, 2010

*******Reach For The Stars Music Lessons-gospel,jazz,r&b,funky blues....

GREETINGS. THANK YOU FOR ACCESSING THIS INFORMATION. THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE DETERMINED TO BECOME OUTSTANDING KEYBOARD PLAYERS. Learn r&b,jazz,gospel,soul,funk,rock&roll,disco,blues,hip-hop,praise and worship and more. All ages & levels accepted:beginners(totally green "rookies"),intermediate,advanced,children(kids,teens)adults,seniors. Become a "real"-force to be reckoned with keyboard player.Master:r&b,jazz,gospel,soul,funk,rock&roll,disco,blues,hip-hop,praise and worship and more. Enhance, and excel in your current piano playing style, or become a new piano player. DC-how to play piano&organ (lessons) without reading music or written scores-DC.Lean how to play the piano and electronic organ without reading sheet music or written scores. Study:piano basics(major scales, triad chords,essential aspects of theory& composition,etc.)r&b,jazz,gospel,church congregational hymns(Amazing Grace,What a Fellowship,What a Friend We Have in Jesus...) organ behind the preacher, fast church shouting music,choir technique,male chorus,praise&worship team,smooth jazz, "phat" "flava"-chords","motown oldies",disco, hip-hop, jazz improvisation,r&b,organ blues grooves licks,traditional and contemporary gospel,rock&roll(screaming rock&roll riffs,power chords,runs),pop,soul,funk,piano rags,piano&organ solos, church praise&worship, jazz , r&b, blues.....and more. Call(301)328-6705,anytime. Peace, -Tim Kimbrough- - (Instructor:40 years of experience)
Featuring Tim Kimbrough's- awesome "make the organ talk technique"(make that organ talk,as you organ hand bass runs and walks.... sound like a horn,trumpet,reed,oboe,sax,flute,violin,diapason,harmonic percussion,rhythmic drums-bongo sound,bass guitar,drawbars,presets,manulal registrations,solo organ,clarinet,trombone,and more.gospelkeyboard-kimbrough gospel organ piano,electric keyboard lessons,instructions,teacher for serious students only."No Lines And Staff "-is terminology from the Preface(pg.3)of Timothy Kimbrough's Patented book-How To Play Your First Piano Song in Only 6 Days-by Timothy Kimbrough. US Patent No. 6,977,334-"Method Of Writing Keyboard Music(awarded 12/20/2005). Application Content was Published by the U.S.P.T.O in 03/31/2005, Publication No. US-2005-006666795-A1, call(301)328-6705, anytime. Timothy Kimbrough Art Collection, Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.Timothy Kimbrough Md.Copyright 2010 Gospel Piano Lessons Md. Gospel Organ Piano Electric Keyboard Lessons, Instruction, Teacher. For Sincere Students Only. Call (301)328-6705 Anytime. Timothy Kimbrough Art Collection Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.Timothy Kimbrough Quotations And Writings Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.Unauthorized Copying And Reproductions Are Violation of Federal Law.

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