Monday, June 18, 2012

Musician Available for New/Young/ Small Church/Ministry-DC-MD-VA...... (ALL SUNDAYS 202.709.5592.......)

br>Bro. Timothy Kimbrough(awesome keyboardist can be reached at ...anytime....24/7) church in dc,md,va needs music help/musician needed for church in md, dc, va/church/christian ministry musician organist, keyboardist, keyboard player, organ player, pianist, piano player, immediately Available FOR YOUNG/ SMALL/NEW CHURCH CONGREGATION/MINISTRY/ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS/needed/in need of/hiring/searching for/in search of/looking for a musician/organist/organ player/piano player/pianist/keyboardist/keyboard player/call 202.709.5592(anytime)/dc-md-va-church/ with small congregation needs musician/keyboardist/organist/music teacher/instructor/music lessons/piano teacher/keyboard instructor/teacher/piano classes/piano course/local piano lessons/organ course

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